New Smile Simulation in Plantation

Who can benefit from a New Smile Simulation?

People who are curious or “on the fence” about how a new smile could improve their appearance, help them feel more attractive, confident, younger, or healthier.
People who have ever considered investing in veneers or a smile makeover.

What is a New Smile Simulation?

A “sim” is a genius way to try on the smile you’ve always wanted without doing anything permanently. It’s like seeing how you’d look with a new hair color without actually coloring your hair. Have you ever been curious about what you’d look like with a smile that was designed custom for your face with brighter, more symmetrical, more beautiful teeth? This is a quick, painless, easy, and inexpensive way ($199) to see in person and actually try on the new smile you’ve always wanted. This will give you the tools and answers you need to decide if updating your smile is right for you, either now or in the future, and we take photos so you can take them home and discuss it with your friends and family. The sim provides a rough draft of your new smile. There is no anesthesia involved, no commitment, and only 2 quick impressions of your teeth that we take for the lab. Genius, right?

What can I expect when I do a New Smile Simulation?

The sim transpires over 2 visits. The first visit we take some photographs and discuss what your goals are. Then we take 2 simple impressions of your teeth, and that’s it! We work with a world renowned lab in New York City to create a rough draft of your new smile.

Two weeks later we have the second visit, and we use a temporary material to mold the new smile onto your teeth without any anesthesia. We take photos, and you can take photos too, with the new smile in your mouth. When we’re finished evaluating your options, we simply remove the temporary material and you’re on your way. This is a wonderful way for patients to take advantage of an easy and inexpensive option to answer a lot of questions about whether or not cosmetic dentistry is right for you.

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