In April 2011, I was recommended to Dr. Ginzler through a friend of a friend.  She was welcoming, and not judgmental. I relayed my history. Not once was I made to feel hopeless.  In fact her words to me were : “this is where it stops, you do not have to go through all of these procedures.  If the tooth is not viable, then we dont do multiple root canals, crown lengthening, and other surgeries to only take the tooth out 6 months later.”  (This happened with 4 of my teeth)  But this was said with hope and not sternly.  She made the plan, I asked her to be aggressive. I would find a way to pay for all of this, regardless if I was out of insurance.  I do believe I can see through a insincere bed side manner.  This was more than that.  I wasn’t a name and a case number. It is important when this is part of your life.

Dr. Ginzler is a perfectionist.  I can think of no other profession where you want a perfectionist on the other side.  Most dentists I have dealt with have put in temporary crowns, and not taken the time to do it right, and be sure I was comfortable, even if it was only a few weeks.  It is also evident that her staff and colleagues are as equally respective of her, and have agreed to help, when needed, not because the shift was over.

Dr. Ginzler, I just wanted to thank you for all of your diligence and comfort at a time when I couldn’t even see an end in sight. I have been so impressed with your attitude, diligence, all while making me comfortable. Thank you again.

Kim B.

AMAZING – I’ve always hated dentists til now. This doctor is pleasant, professional, and really knows what she is doing. I’ll never see another dentist again!

Jason M.

I was a patient of Dr. Ginzler in New York, and I’m really sad that she moved to Florida. Plantation, you are very lucky that she moved her practice there. Honestly, she has been the best dentist I have ever had! She is an artist and very skillful dentist. She would consider all the different aspects of the patient. In my case I had many issues at the same time that were difficult to coordinate: an implant, invisalign, a chipped tooth, cavities, etc. Before any procedure she would consider all the options and explain why she recommends one of them. She always had the interests of the patient in mind and wants to make them as comfortable as possible. She is a dentist you can definitely trust!

Victor N.

Saved my Smile! – I was in the middle of a smile makeover, which was already 6 months in the works, and Dr. Ginzler stepped in as my new dentist. At first, I was terrified at her “nothing is too hard” and “as of a matter of fact” attitude about this huge process. However, it turned out that Dr. Ginzler was simply confident in her work and was eager to start the transition on my teeth. During the next 3 months, Dr. Ginzler changed my smile drastically with a full set of new veneers and caps on my top teeth. She was very sensitive to the appearance of the temporaries during the process and hand made the temporaries right in front of me. No one was none the wiser!! In addition to the cosmetic aspect of the procedure, Dr. Ginzler was extra cautious about the health of my teeth as well! The laughing gas, along with Dr. Ginzler’s ipod music, made each 3 hr appointment bearable! The select few people who know about the veneers and caps continuously comment me on how great my teeth look and how fab my smile is now. She’s awesome, knowledgeable and a fantastic dentist!

Daniella M.

The Best! – Possibly the best compliment I can pay to Dr. Ginzler is that for the first time in my life, I actually enjoy going to the dentist. Dr. Ginzler is highly skilled and takes great pride in her work. She’s also warm, caring and friendly.