We Are a Leading Provider of Dental Implants in Plantation, FL

Whether you’ve lost one tooth or multiple teeth, it’s critical to replace them so you can reclaim your smile, ability to chew, facial support, and speech. If you choose not to replace your teeth, over time your other teeth can shift, eating can be uncomfortable or difficult, and you’ll notice your cheeks can sink in due to the lack of support that teeth provide. In addition, our jawbone undergoes resorption over time without teeth, and if you opt of implants when the teeth are removed, you may not be a candidate in the future. It’s super important to be proactive if you lose teeth so we can plan for the most esthetic and functional treatment.

Dental implants are a highly advanced and wonderful long term replacement for teeth. They can replace single teeth or multiple teeth, as well as serving as anchors beneath full dentures or partial dentures. Because implants are so strong and sturdy, you’re able to chew just as well with implants as you did with your natural teeth. And just as importantly, they will look as good as they perform.

The process of placing and restoring implants transpires over the course of typically 4-9 months. The implant, which is a titanium root replacement, is placed first. The final touch is placing the crown on top of the implant afterwards so it looks beautiful and functions well.

Benefits of Dental Implants

The value of dental implants is significant, and they truly are game changers and life savers. Our teeth are used all day every day to support our lips and cheeks- our whole facial structure. They help us speak properly, to chew and adequately nourish our bodies. Without them we can look aged, feel badly about ourselves if they’re missing, and we can’t eat properly. Dental implants are an excellent predictable and esthetic solution.

LG Dental Studio is a leading provider of dental implants in Plantation. Call us today to help you achieve the beautiful, youthful and comfortable smile you deserve.