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Have you lost teeth as the result of an injury, periodontal disease or any other reason? If so, it’s important to replace them as quickly as possible. When you don’t have all your teeth, your ability to speak clearly can be hampered. You may also find it difficult to chew food and enjoy a varied diet. If you don’t seek treatment quickly, your remaining teeth could shift to fill in the gaps caused by your missing teeth. Your jaw bone will also eventually begin to degrade and lose mass without consistent stimulation from your tooth roots.

Fortunately, all these problems can be avoided with dental implant placement from our skilled periodontist, Dr. Pike. LG Dental Studio is a leading provider of dental implants in Plantation. We’d love to restore your smile, improve your appearance and maximize your dental function with durable and attractive dental implants.

Benefits of Dental Implants

Once you understand the many benefits dental implants offer, it’s easy to see why they’re one of the most popular tooth replacement options available. Here are a few of the top benefits you’ll enjoy when you receive dental implants:

• Jaw bone support
• Restored dental function
• Improved appearance and self-confidence
• Long-term reliability

When an implant post is placed in your jaw, it basically functions like a tooth root. It not only keeps your restoration in place, but it also stimulates your jaw bone to prevent degradation. Implants restore dental function and can keep your adjacent teeth from shifting. They look completely natural and can improve your appearance and your self-confidence. One of the most notable benefits implants offer is long-term reliability. If you take good care of your implants, you may not need to replace them for 15 years or longer.

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